Here at Prolific PT we genuinely believe in putting the client first. That means actually specializing in the clients we work with. Whether you want to win a pro bodybuilding show, break a record in powerlifting, run a spartan race, or just find a balanced and healthy lifestyle; we have a team of elite level coaches who all cater to a specific athlete or client.

Prolific PT is striving to change the way we view personal training and nutrition coaching. To show high quality service from knowledgable health and fitness professionals. We are RAISING the BAR for personal trainers, and showing that when we put researched based coaching and a true heart centered towards service together then we can change an industry, and in turn, have the opportunity to help so many.

This is also a company that is very near and dear to my heart. This company is my way to say thank you and to give back to a community that seems to get forgotten and silenced all too easily.

All of the original founding trainers are either veterans, military spouses, or first responders who have transitioned to the fitness space after leaving our respective services. I am a Marine Corps veteran who understands how hard it is to find a place to belong. Here at Prolific PT we want to help ease that burden. If you are a Veteran, First-Responder, or MilSpouse and want to learn how to live out your passion in the fitess industry, then please let us know. We are always accepting applications for our mentee/internship, and trainers.

-Isaac Miller

Prolific PT


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